Bitcasa: Get Storage Folders with Infinite Capacities

When you save files on your computer you have to keep in mind the amount of disk space that your files take. Large files in particular make you think about your hard drive space capacity and how many more files can you fit into your drive. Imagine a system where you would be free from this worry. Additionally, imagine a system on which physical damage did not pose any threat to your data.

Such a system is what a service called Bitcasa aims to deliver to its users.

Bitcasa 1

Bitcasa is an excellent free to use web service that helps store your offline data to the cloud. The app can be used as a backing up tool, a simple synchronization tool, or a tool to give your folders an infinite capacity.

The application comes in two parts: it has a web front and a desktop application. The desktop application comes for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. We tried the Windows version of which the setup file was sized at nearly 53 MB. Once you have the application installed and running, you can create a Bitcasa account and then drag folders into the application. You can choose whether you want infinite storage for the folder, simply synch the folder with its online counterpart, or you want to create an online backup of the folder. A list of all your Bitcasa folders can be seen in the online interface as well as the desktop interface. The amount of data stored in each folder is also shown.

Bitcasa 2

You can continue using the computer folders as they were entirely offline; Bitcasa will upload and stream data accordingly to the folder type and provide you with appropriate System Tray notifications.

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Bitcasa 3

Another cool feature of the application is that it lets you share files with friends simply by dragging them into the application. A sharing link for files is generated that you can provide to your friends to give them access to your file.

Bitcasa 4

The application maintains an offline cache on your computer of which the size you can adjust through the app preferences.

Bitcasa 5

Overall, Bitcasa is a highly useful data syncing and backing up application that comes with an excellent ability to give your folders infinite capacity.

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