How to Hide Hard Disk Drive of Your Computer

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Hide it!! Their could be several reasons where you need to hide you file & folder .like you have kept your confidential files, Password files, Important contact numbers, p0rn anything which you don’t wont others to open. Hiding those files and folder is best way to protect it from unauthorized user .Their are many Tricks and Tools by which you can hide files and folder of your computer.

But guess what if you have 1000’s of files and 1000’s folder in a hard drive. It will take whole day to select and hide it one by one. In order to get through this tedious task we have one solution rather then hiding files and folder why don’t we hide hard disk drive? We can hide hard disk drive of our computer by using Microsoft’s PowerToy Tweak UI.

Tweak UI, This PowerToy gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more.

Steps to Hide Hard Disk drive using Tweak UI

Download, install and run TweakUI in your computer. Then, go to “My Computer – Drives“, uncheck the drive that you want it to be invisible and click “Apply”.

Tweak UI PowerToy

A hard disk drives will be disappeared immediately after the command is applied.

To quick access your hidden drive, type in the drive letter in address bar.

Open Hiden Drive

Download PowerToy Tweak UI (Size 147Kb )

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13 thoughts on “How to Hide Hard Disk Drive of Your Computer”

  1. in my c: drive i have a 40GB space in which 5GB are used,it means that free space should be near about 35GB but it display that only 25Gb are free space,what happened with my pc,i have installed antivirus fully updated

    pl solve my problem


  2. madhur kapoor
    that means u have any bad sectors in your hard drive..
    just format your drive and make partitions again..
    thats the only way to save your hard drive..
    otherwise your system will goin damn

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