Aside: A Chrome Extension to Quickly Save Articles for Later Reading

The internet has countless interesting articles to offer its readers. You can practically find anything on anything. Unfortunately none of us have the time to read everything we want in a single sitting. This is precisely why we need a tool that can save articles for later reading. One could say that we could bookmark the pages we want to read later but bookmarks are usually not portable and we would prefer to have remote access to our saved articles.

Here to offer an appropriate solution is a tool called Aside.

Aside 1

Aside is a free to use browser extension for Google Chrome. The extension basically saves online pages on an online database to help you read them later. The extension is made to be used with the GetPocket web service. Therefore before you begin using the extension, you must visit GetPocket and create an account on it.

Aside 2

With your account created, come back to the extension’s download page and equip your Google Chrome with it. You will find a new icon added to your Chrome’s address bar. Whenever you are reading an article that you want to save for later reading, simply click on this icon and type in the tags you want the article to be associated with.

Aside 3

To speed up the process you can disable the tag addition process by unchecking the option in the extension’s options.

Aside 4

To visit the list of articles you have saved for later reading, simply go and visit your GetPocket account and access the list of saved webpages.

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Aside 5

For people who do a lot of online reading and who use Chrome as their default web browser, this extension is going to be an ideal tool to use.

Download Aside for Google Chrome and you can visit GetPocket here.



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