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Since a long time, I used to download/watch one TED talk at a time and leave the rest for later, no matter how alluring they were, courtesy the super slow internet speeds. There was no way I could download TED videos in a group and watch them later.

Not anymore.

TEDinator is here. It is a small and extremely useful application that manages TED Talk downloads. And the best part, it lets you download videos in a group (yay!).

Its interface is clear and easy to use. All buttons are neatly laid out. The available talks are displayed in a scroll-able menu with a check box next to their name. Users can select the desired talk by entering the name of the talk in the search bar and then checking the box. The Refresh links button at the top refreshes the available talks (i.e. checks if new talks are uploaded to the TED website). There is also an option to download subtitles along with the talk.

The ‘Start Download’ button at the top starts downloading the selected video to the specified directory(which is entered when the application is first used).

The settings enable the user to change the download folder, select the quality of the video being downloaded and select the subtitle language. It also displays the total number of times the application has been used.

As mentioned earlier, TEDinator also lets users download multiple talks in a group. The procedure for searching a particular talk is the same and more than one talk can be selected by checking the box next to the respective talk.

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Overall, TEDinator is an amazing application that gets things done in a jiffy. It is a MUST-have for TED users.

Download TEDinator and start downloading TED videos.



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