Convert Images to Excel Background Drawings with Easy Excel Drawing

Have presentation? want to impress clients and your boss with nice looking excel documents ? then Easy Excel Drawing is the tool for you. Though you can insert different clip arts in your excel document but creating background drawing in Excel is still impossible.

That’s where Easy Excel Drawing freeware tool will come handy. Simple to use tool is designed to let you instantly create background drawings in excel document from image files, all it takes is image and dimension of background drawing, that’s it.

Once you download and install Easy Excel Drawing, you can start Easy Excel Drawing from desktop shortcut created by application. The user interface of Easy Excel drawing is minimalistic and offers all options to customize output excel drawing.

Use “Load Picture” button to browse and select image file, adjust width and height of the output file. You can also set the cell size and click on generate button, that’s it. The generated output will be in xml format which you can open it in Microsoft Excel and save as .xlsx format.

The background excel drawing generated using Easy Excel Drawing tool may be slow on loading and depends on image size . Also make sure image file doesn’t have transparency.

In order to generate excel drawing you do not need Microsoft Office Excel to be installed. Easy Excel Drawing requires .Net Framework 3.5 or above and this utility is free for non-commercial use only.

Download Easy Excel Drawing.

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