Take 3D Photos (Anaglyph or Stereo) on Windows Phone 7 with ShutterPro

3D videos and photos are new fascination of modern world. From 3D TVs to 3D cameras capable of taking 3D videos and photos are available in market. But that doesn’t mean your good old digicam is obsolete. In fact if you have two webcams connected to your PC then you can take 3D videos using Red Cyan Camera software.

Now if you own Windows Phone 7 based mobile phone, then here is good news for you. You can now take 3D stereo photos or stereoscopic photos with your smartphone camera. ShutterPro is free app for Windows Phone 7 phones which lets you add many filter to photos taken from phone camera and make it look awesome like taken by pro photographers.

Once you install ShutterPro on your Windows Phone 7, go and start ShutterPro app. Under app settings you can set how you would like to take pictures, using dedicated camera button or tap on screen to take pictures. Under share tab you can share photo taken using shutter pro on facebook.

If you want to take 3D photos then you need to set 3D stereo or 3D anaglyph it under effects before taking photos. As the procedure to take 3D photos is not one click process. You need to take two different photos for that.

For all other photo effects, you can either select effect first or take photo and then apply effects. Once you got the picture of your choice you need to tap on save button. ShutterPro offers following effects, normal, negative, black&white, sepia, solarize, multicolor, tilt shift, 3D anaglyph and 3D stereo jpeg. Each effect also has different modes and settings which you can change from customize button.

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Overall ShutterPro is pretty good app for those who want to make their photos awesome but doesn’t have photography skills. With ShutterPro you can instantly make them cool looking ready to be shared on your social network.

Pros: Easy to use, has good number of photo effects, lets you take 3D photos.

Cons: ShutterPro free version adds watermark on every photo taken using ShutterPro.

Download ShutterPro Windows Phone 7 App.

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