Add Middle Click Menu of Important Applications on Windows with AnyMenu

There is no denial that right click context menu is extremely useful and no Windows user can work without that. The right click context menu was designed to provide access to the options based on file type you are working with. Like if you right click on desktop you get options to customize and personalize desktop background part from options to rearrange desktop icons.

Same way if you right click on txt file you will get related options such as open, print, or edit with your favorite text editor. What if you can have one more menu accessible via middle mouse click button, do you think you can make good use of it?? if your answer is yes then here is AnyMenu simple yet powerful utility which will let you have middle click menu.

AnyMenu is handy yet reliable utility designed to let you bundle shortcut of your choice of applications for quicker access. Once you download and install AnyMenu, you will be presented with first run instructions explain how to use AnyMenu.

The system tray icon created by AnyMenu options can be access with single click, from where you can pause, exit, suspend or view help file. By default AnyMenu comes with following middle click menu options, Notepad, Calculator, Paint, C drive, My Document and Start Menu.

You can easily add or remove shortcuts to middle click menu via Set Menu options can be access by, either right clicking or system tray icon or from middle click menu.

To edit existing menu you need to select MainMenu from dropdown menu and then use second dropdown menu to access individual shortcuts, which you can then delete. You can also create submenu under main menu options.

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Under preferences options you can set position of middle menu where to display, set it to start with Windows and much more. Last but not least AnyMenu also offers options to backup and restore existing menu.

Download AnyMenu.



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