RemoveAds, One App to Removes Ads from Browser, Instant Messengers & Many Other Tools

Advertisements have found its place not only in our browsers, but also in instant messengers and different freeware utilities, which carries ads to keep that app free at the same time helping developer to make money. Not everyone likes ads shown on their face when they visit  website or open instant messengers like Yahoo Messenger.

There are numbers of ways to block ads but not one single solution, for example, to block ads on Firefox you have to download ad blocker addon, on chrome you need to download ad blocker extension. To block ads on messenger like Yahoo Messenger, there are tool such as Ad banner or modified Yahoo Messenger executable.

This is very cumbersome and time consuming task but not anymore. Here is the universal ad remover tool for Windows, RemoveAds. RemoveAds is a powerful tool to remove advertisement and block commercial banners even before it is being loaded in browser, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Metacafe or any other software. RemoveAds practically blocks every know advertisement banner regardless of software version.

With its active advertisement blocking, RemoveAds also saves you internet bandwidth and best of all it requires absolutely no settings whatsoever. Simple install RemoveAds and let it run in your system tray. That’s it. You will notice in place of advertisements a text “Disabled by RemoveAds” is displayed.

You can access Removedads from the system tray icon. On front Page section, it shows the status of Anti-Ad, software updates and database update status. You can stop or temporarily disable RemoveAds, force database update from icons present at the top corner.

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Another neat feature that RemoveAds offers is, option to suggest the advertisements site which might be new and missed by RemoveAds. You can either suggest as anti-ad or parent block, to keep your kids safe.

Download RemoveAds for Windows.



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