Best Five Virtual Desktop Software To Enhance Your Productivity on Windows

Clutter on your desktop? Programs for official work and multimedia intermixing with one another and creating confusion? Look no further. Virtual Desktop Managers are here. They let you have multiple desktops, can extend the confined horizontal space of your screen to infinity and have a plethora of other features which will help you to enhance productivity greatly.

Here are five Virtual Desktop Managers we tested-

GiMeSpace Free Editon

GiMeSpace is a desktop extender, i.e. the icons stay in the same place as they are but the horizontal space of the desktop screen becomes infinite. Essentially one is able to have many windows open simultaneously without overlapping each other.

Multiple windows open without overlapping

The navigation is pretty easy and slick. For going right just drag the arrow towards the right of the screen and the screen scrolls to the right, and for going left, just drag the arrow to the left of the screen.


Easy Navigation

If you get confused between the positioning of the windows, you can right-click on the GiMeSpace icon in the taskbar and select the option ‘Collect windows’ which stacks up all open windows one over the other.


All open windows stacked on top of one another

Overall, GiMeSpace is an easy to use desktop space extender, which helps one work with multiple windows very efficiently.  One thing to be kept in mind while installing it is to uncheck all the boxes which say ‘Install Babylon Toolbar’ and ‘Make Babylon Search my homepage’. Not doing this unnecessarily clutters the browser.

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Be sure to uncheck all boxes!

Download GiMeSpace.


Dexpot is a true Virtual Desktop application that greatly enhances productivity. It enables us to have upto 20 virtual desktops open simultaneously.

Each desktop can be configured according to preference. For example, one desktop can be used for keeping all the media software while other can be used to keep all the office related software.

Switching between desktops is a breeze. Dexpot offers a plethora of switching effects including some 3D ones. There is absolutely no lag while switching. The windows open in one desktop can be sent to another desktop.

 Dexpot offers great customisability options with the ability to define hotkeys for each task. These can be configured in Dexpot Settings.

Dexpot Settings acts like the central nervous system where each and every task performed in Dexpot and the appearance of every transition and effect can be configured. It also offers plugins to make the user interface more nifty.

All-in-all Dexpot is a great Virtual Desktop software. It installs in seconds and keeps the user enthralled throughout.

Download Dexpot.

Moo0 MultiDesktop

Moo0 MultiDesktop is a no-frills virtual desktop manager that lets users add three more desktop screens. Its interface is plain, intuitive and easy to use.

The desktops are named as Desktop-1 to 4. Users can switch between desktops either by using the hot-keys or using the navigation bar. Each desktop can be given its own wallpaper which makes it easy to recognise while switching between desktops.

The navigation bar has the numbers 1 to 4 enlisted upon it referring to the respective desktop. It is unobtrusive and can be moved throughout the screen. Its colour and transparency can be adjusted from the menu.  The menu appears on right-clicking the Moo0 icon in the system tray.

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Overall, Moo0 MultiDesktop is extremely easy to use though it doesn’t have many features as compared to other managers like Dexpot. It is a great Virtual Desktop manager for beginners.

Download Mooo MultiDesktop.


Blacksmith is a virtual desktop software that brings the Mac OS X GUI experience to Windows. It offers a maximum of 6 virtual desktop screens that can be used. Each screen can be configured with its own wallpaper for easy distinction.

 The AppView adapted from OS X brings up a menu of all the installed applications to the screen. The cockpit view can be used for seeing all the desktops in a grid-wise manner.

Switching between desktops is like OS X or Android with 3D effects.  The mouse is used to drag and switch screens and gestures can also be performed for bringing up the cockpit view or using AppView.

Blacksmith is highly configurable with easy to understand options. Its configuration setup is one of the most user-friendly among the Desktop managers. It provides a to-do preview for every task.

Overall, using Blacksmith is a nice experience though it is not as fluidic as Dexpot.

Download Blacksmith.

Sondle Virtual Desktop Assist

Sondle Virtual Desktop Assist is a Virtual Desktop manager that is used to create multiple desktops. It is plain, simple and easy to use. However, that’s just about it. Its interface seems very old and dated as compared to other players.

Desktops can be switched using hotkeys (ALT+ number key) or by double-clicking the number of the desktop in the navigation bar. Each desktop can have different applications running on it.

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The navigation bar can be dragged to reposition it on the screen but it is hard to manoeuvre. It regains its original position when a desktop is closed.

The advanced options are used for allocating hotkeys to the different Desktops and various other settings.

 Overall, Sondle Virtual Desktop Assist is the worst Virtual Desktop Manager of the lot and has glitches too. For example, the Libraries Window in the Windows Explorer pops open each time a desktop is closed.

We do not recommend Sondle VDA for download.

Download Sondle Virtual Desktop Assist.



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