Ezy Start Menu Brings Back Old Windows Start Menu on Windows 8

Those of you who had tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Release Preview will know that, Microsoft has removed start menu as well as orb from the taskbar. Every time when you hover you mouse at left corner of the screen, it will present a small metro screen and clicking on it will switch your classic desktop to metro screen.

You will be wondering, how you can access all the program files, shutdown, search, control panel and other options, well there is one way by which you can access few of this options. On Windows 8 Microsoft has added new keyboard shortcut, Win+X which brings the quick access menu from where you can navigate to control panel, search, command prompt and other various options which our good old start menu used to provide.

But those switching from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 8 may find it annoying and hard to work without start menu, for those users here is Ezy Start Menu for Windows 8. Ezy Start Menu is perfect replacement for Windows 8 metro menu.

Once you download and install Ezy Start Menu, you will notice a new Windows 8 metro icon added in the left corner, in place for Windows start menu orb in taskbar. Clicking on this icon brings you all the shortcuts and menu options of Windows old start menu.

Ezy Start menu offers three different sections to combine different shortcuts. Start, folders and shutdown. Under Start option tab you can access run prompt, command prompt, my computer, control panel, windows help, search and shortcuts where you can add your own shortcuts to prompts and folders.

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Under Folders option tab you have access to desktop, my documents, recent, favorites, network and programs as well as all the  shorts cuts to important Windows folders such as Windows administrator tools,  maintenance, Windows Ease of access, system folder etc.

Shutdown tab provides options to shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, sleep and power options.

Overall Ezy Start Menu is good option as Windows 8 Start menu, it may not have eye candy user interface but does the job of bringing back old start menu on Widows 8 very well.

Download Ezy Start Menu for Windows 8.



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