Instantly Share Photos Between Windows Phone and Computer with P Share

Usually when it comes to transferring photos from Windows Phone to PC or PC to Windows Phone all we do is search for USB cable to connect phone to PC and then either use Zune or copy past photos from Windows Phone drive. This method is good when you want to transfer hundreds of photos.

However, when it comes to transferring just few photos, above method is cumbersome and time consuming, in fact other methods such as uploading to online storage services or sending it via email also seems slow process and inefficient. What if you could send the photos in a flash of a second without using email, Bluetooth or even Skydrive service on your Windows Phone? P share is the tool which does this magic.

P share is the app for Windows Phone based phones and also comes with desktop app for Windows. P Share enables the sharing of phones and images among computers and Windows Phones 7 based phones. With P share you can take picture on your phone and transfer it to your computer with the help of webcam.

All you need to do is install P share desktop app on your Windows and on your phone. Once you finished installing app on your Windows Phone 7 phone. Go to P share app and tap share button and it will bring up the camera app.

Take picture and click on accept button, and P share will present you with QR code. Now this code you need to scan with your webcam. For this start P share desktop app and take your phone with QR code in front of webcam, viola !!! and your picture will be instantly transferred to your PC.

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In same way you can transfer photos from PC, by dragging image to P share and it will generate QR code for that image ready to scan from your phone. Go to Get section of P Share and scan the QR code generated on your desktop, and your image will be right to your phone.

With P Share you can also share desktop screenshot by selecting the region you want to share with mouse and scanning the generated Code.


P Share also offers a medium to share images to Facebook and also keep track of number of downloads.

Download P Share for Windows Phone App.

Download P Share Desktop App.



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