Play YouTube Videos on Preferred Desktop Video Player with SVPtube

All the video sharing websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. either has their own player or uses default Adobe Flash player to play videos in your browser. Though Adobe Flash Player is more than enough and works flawlessly but there are times when you want play videos on your default desktop video player such as VLC.

Often browser like Firefox starts consuming unlimited memory when you start playing videos, and at the end it hangs leaving you with unstable system. In such cases it would be really good to have an option to play videos on your preferred desktop video player.

Here is a useful utility, SVPtube, which does exactly the same which we are expecting. It lets you to extract and stream YouTube videos to your preferred video player. SVPtube does this by monitoring clipboard area for Youtube links and sending them to your selected video player with format and resolution of your choice.

SVPtube is simple and tiny app which doesn’t required any installation. All you need to do is double click on SVPtube.exe and you will notice new icon in your system tray idea.

By right click on SPVtube system tray icon you can bring up options menu, by selecting auto play option it will automatically play all the YouTube videos in desktop player. Under video player options you can choose the executable of your video player.

Sine Youtube also started hosting 3D videos and you default video player may not support 3D videos. If that’s the case for you then SVPtube also offers option to set different video player for 3D videos.

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You can also set the preferred resolution of Youtube videos you want to play. Using format filter you can also hide 3D videos. With load on startup option you no longer need to manually start SVPtube.

Download SVPtube.



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