Download Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit and 64-bit ISO

Microsoft Windows 8 slowly progressing towards a final product and today’s release of Windows 8 Release Preview for the public is a sign of that. Windows 8 Developer Preview first offered in September 2011 and then consumer preview in February 2012. Microsoft has been saying Windows 8 is their biggest bet, for the first time Microsoft Windows will have two different interfaces to adapt to a different platform such as tablets and regular desktop machines.

The metro interface is designed for small screen tablets devices and is inherited from Microsoft mobile OS Windows Phone 7, along with that users will also have their traditional desktop with major changes such as no start menu. It may take some time for traditional Windows users to get comfortable with Windows 8.

Microsoft is also gearing up for Windows Store, one place for all the metro apps for Windows 8. Today’s release of Windows 8 Release Preview marks the final test release of Microsoft Windows 8.

If you are interested in downloading Windows 8 Release Preview then follow below download links and get your own copy.

Download Windows 8 Release Preview

Download Windows 8 32-bit ISO (3.3 GB).

Download Windows 8 64-bit ISO (2.5 GB).

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