6 Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Pinterest Experience

If you are an active user on the Internet, you will probably have heard of, if not seen Pinterest. Pinterest is an online website that allows users to share their photos, videos and other objects in a pinboard-style format.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social network websites on the Internet and serves as a massive source of inspiration for people of every kind, especially photographers, illustrators and graphic designers.

If you love Pinterest, and want to make use of it, more easily then check out these six Google Chrome extensions that will improve your Pinterest experience:

Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button is an extension for the Google Chrome browsers brought by the makers of Pinterest themselves that allows people to share the images over the Internet to their pin board.

While users already have the option to add interesting images to their pinboards using the manual “Add” button Pinterest, the Pinterest Pin It Button makes it easier and quicker for users to add images from any website.

This is a great extension, as users do not have to return to the Pinterest website to add the image and add the interesting image as soon as they see it online.

Pinterest Right Click

The Pinterest Right Click extension for Google Chrome is just yet another “Add Image” extension for the Chrome browser, for Pinterest users.

Just like the Pinterest Pin It Button, the Pinterest Right Click button is an extension that users can use to post images they find over the Internet to their pinterest account, without actually visiting the website itself. The users just need to right-click on the image, and automatically pin it to your profile.

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Not only that, but the button also allows users to share the image on Facebook to show their friends online.

Extended Share for Google Plus

This extension is primarily for those people who have accounts on Google Plus and want to share images from their Google Plus accounts to Pinterest. Google Plus has many images floating around, and most of them look amazing, so why not share them.

However, Google Plus does not really have a quick way of sharing, so the Extended Share for Google Plus allows users to add “Share” buttons to their posts giving them the option to share images to Pinterest.

Pinterest Pro

Pinterest Pro is an extension for Google Chrome browser that makes Pinterest browsing even more fun. The extension adds the ability to instantly zoom in on images, pin from anywhere on the web and more features as well.

If you want to pin from any website, just “Right-Click” your mouse button on the image and click “Pin to Pinterest” to instantly pin from anywhere on the web.

There is also a “Popular Pin dropdown” button in your toolbar that instantly shows you a list of random popular pins from the Pinterest website.

By default, if the user hovers over an image they have the option to comment on the image, like it or Re-pin it, however, the Pinterest Pro adds the option to zoom in on images.


Pinzy is an extension that will make it fun for Pinterest users to browse around on the Pinterest website. Pinzy gives the users the ability to zoom in on images, by simply hovering over the image. By default, the user cannot get a larger preview of the image, but Pinzy makes sure that can happen.

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Once the larger preview is displayed, users can click on the enlarged image to close it, which will then allow you to take action on the pin – Re-Pin image, Like, Comment.

Pin Search

Pin Search is an awesome nifty little extension for Google Chrome browser that allows users to search Pinterest images on Google Image using the “Image Search” option right from the Pinterest image webpage.

The Pin Search extension even allows users to find similar images on Google Images – and using the wealthy database and power of Google Image makes it a great tool for people who want to find “good and interesting” images on the web.

The extension is also great for people who want to find out the original author, chef, photographer who created the picture – by searching for the image on Google Images.

There you have it folks. These are some great five six extensions available for Google Chrome users to make their Pinterest experience even more fun.



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