6 Free iPhone Apps for Photography Lovers

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in app store that allow users to carry out almost any task. If you own an iPhone and have caught the photo-bug, or recently caught the photo-bug then I suggest you check out these; six iPhone apps out which photographers would love. These applications allow users to carry out different photography tasks, such as post-processing, panoramic photographs and more.


Photosynth is an application for iPhone users, iPod Touch and iPad users with iOS 4.2 and later. Photosynth allows iOS users to capture multiple photographs and then stich them into one large panorama. The panorama could be of anywhere, such as places, people, events.

Panoramas are great as they allow the user to capture the whole scene in one photograph – just as the human eye would see the place.

Photosynth allows users to take not only the default “left-to-right” and “right-to-left” panoramas but also gives them the option to take up-and-down panoramas allowing them to capture the full scene.

BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor is as the name suggests an online photo editing application built for the iOS users, especially the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users with at least iOS 4.0 or later.

The BeFunky Photo Editor has a library of 25 high-quality photo effects that can be applied to the photograph once it has been snapped using your iOS device camera. Not only that, but the BeFunky Photo Editor also has editing tools and photo-frames to give your photo the feeling you want it to have.

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A few of the 25 HQ photo-effects include – LomoArt, HDR, Retro, Vintage, Sepia, B&W, Old, Sketch and more.

You can also directly share your photo on Facebook, Flickr and on the BeFunky Gallery online.

Fotolr Photo Studio

Fotolr Photo Studio is yet another photo-processing application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users with iOS 3.0 and later. Fotolr Photo Studio has a set of 23 functions that allow users to carry out some tasks that are much seeked for by photographers; whether novice or professional.

Some of these tasks include – Picture editing, Portrait processing, Photo effects, Photo collage and more.

The application provides some “much needed” functions such as the ability to rotate, cut and resize image. An interesting function found in Fotolr Photo Studio is the “Acne Removing” function that is highly used by portrait photographers.


Pixlr-o-matic is an application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users with iOS 4.0 and later that allows users to create photo-effects and apply them onto their images. Pixlr-o-matic has the ability to help you add borders, and photo-effects to your image.

You can either choose from the library yourself or click on “Randomize” to get a random effect. The app has over 2 million combinations, so you might end up finding an amazing effect.


Instagram is one of THE most popular photo processing applications available for the iOS devices now. A community of well over 15 million users uses the application. Instagram app not only allows users to apply photo-effects to their images but also gives them the option to capture the image.

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Just fire up the Instagram application, and take a picture. Once done, you can pick and apply from a library of lovely filtered effects to give your photo a completely new feeling.

You can then upload your photograph to your Instagram account, after which you can easily share image to any social networking website you wish, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are an Adobe Photoshop user and love using Photoshop for your photo editing, then I must say you give a try to the Adobe Photoshop Express application that is a mobile compatible application of Adobe Photoshop.

The application allows users to not only capture images, but also gives them the ability to perform basic image rectification tasks – straighten, brightness and contrast, reduce noise, etc – and even post-processing tasks such adding photo-effects.

The photo-effects include many popular ones including Vintage, B&W, Sepia, etc and users can wish to add some gorgeous looking borders to their images if they wish.

Just like Instagram, users can feel free to upload their Images to the Adobe Photoshop Express online account to show the world.

There you have it photographer lovers. These are just six of some of the greatest photography application available in the iTunes App Store. There are thousands of more applications available in the iTunes App store for photographers.

If there is any application that you love and feel has helped you improve your iOS device snapped photograph, let us know in the comments below.



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