8 Handy Websites To Download Free Fonts

If you are a web-designer, illustrator or a typography artist, I am sure you must have come across situations where you need to find free fonts whether to display in a mockup web-layout, or just because you love fonts; as typography artists just LOVE fonts.

In this post, I have cornered down eight handy websites where users can download fonts (free) and a little searching will even display some great looking fonts.


DaFont is one of the most popular websites on the Internet where free fonts are available for download. DaFont has been in works since quite some time now, and thus, has a huge font library (free) now.

The fonts on dAfont are updated daily as new ones are added every day so you will never run out of new fonts to mess around with. DaFont also has a diverse collection of fonts, ranging from – Fancy, Foreign Look to Scripts, Dingbats and Bitmaps.

Just click on a font to preview its character map. You can also enter custom words/messages to see how it will look like. If you are happy, just click the “Download” button to download.


Abstract Fonts is also an online website that provides free fonts for everyone looking for so. You never might run out of free fonts as they keep pouring in everyday.

A feature on the website allows users to find the Fonts they have already installed on their computer. While on the other hand, search can be made by category, new & popular or by language or designers.

If there is any font you like, you can “Preview Test” it by entering a message of your own to see how the text will look like using that font. Just download the font using the “Download” button or if you want to download the font later on, or save it for later viewing purposes, I’d suggest you “Bookmark” the font (with the Bookmark button).

Urban Font

Urban Font is a great online website where people can find free fonts for download. The website also has a “Commercial Font” section where users can buy premium fonts – which are not free, and cost.

The users can search for fonts using keywords or browse fonts using their specific categories that can be found at the very bottom of the webpage. Once the font is opened, the user is shown the “Character Map” of the font, which shows each alphabet and the way it looks for that font.

The user can also enter a “Custom Text” to check the font. Just use the “Download” button to download a .zip file, which will contain the font file.

1001 Free Fonts

1001 Free Fonts is an online website that allows users to download fonts free of cost. The fonts may not look as good as commercial fonts, however, if you search a little you might find great fonts that are available free.

At the top of the website, you can search for the font using its name, or search fonts alphabetically or by their designated categories.

The font is available for download for both Windows operating system as well as Mac OS X operating system. The “Custom Font Preview” can be used to test the font on a custom given text.

Search Free Fonts

As the name of the website suggests, Search Free Fonts is an online website that allows people to search for fonts that are free of cost and allows users to download them quickly to their computers to be used.

Search Free Fonts has a huge library of free fonts so browse freely through the many categories available on the website to find a suitable font for your project/assignment.

Once you find the appropriate font, just simply use the “Download” button to download font to your computer. Custom Preview is also available for those wanting to try the font out before downloading.


Fontcubes is just another online website that provides the user with a fairly large library of free fonts available for download.

On the main page, the user can find the “Top 10 Downloaded Fonts & Dingbats”. The user can jut visit any category to find an appropriate font and use the “Download” button to download the font.

The user can also click the “Font Detail” button to see a little more about the font, which includes – the rating, the author of the font, Custom Preview, and License of use.

Acid Fonts

Acid Fonts is a great website online, where users can search for and download free fonts from a huge available library of fonts.

The user-friendly layout of the website makes it easy for a user to browse around the website and find a font that is suitable for their needs and projects.

On the front page itself, the user can try the font out writing a custom text message into the box and changing the size value. The Download button can then be easily used to download the font onto your personal computer.


FFonts is the last handy online website in our list that provides users with a database of fonts to download to and from – all of them being free.

An exclusive feature found on FFonts is the ability to download “Web Fonts” which means that the font can be used for every online website. On the other hand, the normal “Download” option allows you to download the font file for your computer giving you the ability to use it on your graphic editing software or word processors and so.

There you have it folks. If you want to download a need font, and are looking for some “good” free ones, then the above eight websites must be visited and checked out at all costs.



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