8 Handy Applications To Improve Your Twitter Experience

Twitter is one of the most popular websites in the world, and millions of people visit the website regularly. If you are one of those people, and are addicted to Twitter and want to improve your experience, check out eight apps mentioned below.


Hootsuite is an online website and app that allows users to connect to their Twitter account and handle it right from Hootsuite website. Now, why would someone want to handle his or her Twitter account from a third-party website?

The answer is simple; the features allowed on Hootsuite make it the perfect place to handle Twitter account (s) from.

The “Stream View” allows users to put more than one Timeline stream in one place, allowing them to view them all as one. The users can add the following steams – Home Feed, Mentions, Scheduled Tweets, ReTweets, Sent Tweets, DM (Inbox), and more. The user no longer needs to flick between tabs to check mentions or home feed as he or she can browse it all from just one place in one view.

Another great feature in Hootsuite is the schedule tweet feature that allows users to schedule tweet ahead of time. This is a great feature especially if you want to ensure activity on your Twitter account even when you are away from the computer or so.

The “Analytics” is probably the feature that Hootsuite holds exclusively. It allows users to conduct analysis on their Twitter account on a variety of things such as the number of people who clicked a specific link, and more.

The only downside of Hootsuite being all the features not available to every user and some require users to make a premium account.


Seesmic is an online website and a tool available for your OS platform that allows users to send messages to Twitter directly from the Seesmic website.

An advantage of doing so is the ability to schedule tweets. This means that a user can write a tweet and publish it anytime he wants, whether 5 hours after, 3 days after or even at the end of the month.

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Such a feature allows Twitter users to keep their profile active and thus never come on the list of people who are not active. This is also a neat trick if you want to post tweets according to a specific time, for example, a tweet regarding something in the US would be posted at a time when most US Twitter users are online.


Ping.fm is an online social networking management website that supports a huge list of social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, GTalk, WordPress and many more.

Just signup for an account on Ping.fm and connect the Ping.fm website to your Twitter account. Once done, you can visit your Dashboard to post a tweet to your Twitter account.

There is also a “Post Song” feature on Ping.fm that allows users to search for a song using the “Post Song” tab and post a link to that song in your tweet quickly and easily. In addition, to be noted is that if you post a link it will automatically be converted into a short link before being posted on your Twitter timeline.


TweetDeck is one of the most popular Twitter handling tool and app available on both web and OS platform. TweetDeck gives the users the option to view more than one timeline at the same time in one place. The users need not have to flick through different tabs – DM, Mentions, Home Feeds – to check the new Tweets as they can view all the latest ones in one place.

Use powerful filters to filter your Twitter tweets and find only the tweets you are looking for and are interested in, while removing all the ones you do not want.

The Schedule Tweet option gives users the option to schedule their tweets in an attempt to focus on suited audiences, and focus on niches of the Twitter world.

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The TweetDeck user interface makes the whole browsing Twitter experience much more fun and easy. With a dark interface and quick service, you can go around searching for new tweeters with similar interests and reply back to your followers quickly and efficiently.


Threadsy is an online tool that allows users to combine and merge all their social networking and E-Mail accounts in one place, making it simple and easy for them to enjoy the experience and browse the accounts at the same time.

Such an experience makes it not only easy and simple for the user to enjoy but also saves a lot of valuable and precious time as the user can check two and more accounts at the same time.

Just let Threadsy access your Twitter account and sign-in to your Gmail or E-mail account to access all the stuff you need in one place – the messages being on the left-hand side while the Twitter streaming updates on the right-hand side of the screen.


Socialmention is a real-time social media search and analysis engine for users of different social networking websites, including many famous ones such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Just visit the website and choose the type of search you will be making, for example, News, Events, Images, Audio, Video, Blogs, All, etc.

Once done, you have the option to select any particular social media source (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and if not the search will be made from all the sources given.

The Search also allows you to find the number of people interested in that specific topic and if they most opinions about it are positive, negative or neutral.

The website is great for people who want to build up “Followers” on Twitter as they can use Social Mention to find trending topics and lively discussion topics and tweet about such topics to come in most exposure.

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Use ManageFlitter to find people who you follow, people who unfollowed you, and people you can follow to build up your own army of followers.

Use the options to unfollow people who have unfollowed you, inactive users who have not posted for long time and even people who tweet too much. People who tweet too much end up flooding your twitter stream, taking the interesting and “worth to read” tweets below the flood.

Once you have linked ManageFlitter with your Twitter account you can view all the people who are not following you back, who do not have a profile picture and are probably users who just made an account on Twitter and then never stayed.

You can even find people who are “Inactive” or “Talkative” – this allows you to remove unwanted people from your list, and remove a few people who are active yet post excessively many tweets that are not of interest to you.


Twittremind is a very helpful online tool that allows users to make a To-Do list and connect it with their Twitter accounts. The service is most useful to people who are 24/7 active on Twitter and check their “@Mentions” every now and then regularly.

Just visit the Twittremind website and type in your Twitter username, and then type in the things you need to be reminded of (up to 5 can be input). Once done, just put in the date you need to be reminded on and the service will automatically tweet you a message reminding you of the things you need to do.

There you have it folks. If you would like to add any other application which is not mentioned in the list above, please share with us.



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  1. I sometimes use HootSuite to manage my Twitter accounts while I am working at the office. While I am on-the-go I use iHear Network to listen to my tweets while I am driving to work so that when I get to the office I am caught up with what is going on.

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