7 Handy Tools To Organize Meetings Online

There are many advantages as to why people could and should adopt online methods of meeting. One of the first reasons is the fact that online meetings save valuable money as there is no travel cost involved.

Another good reason is the fact that online meetings can be called in on anytime of the day, and even allows users to organize meetings with people living overseas, not having to worry about different in time zones.

Here are some seven helpful online websites to organize meetings:


Meetin.gs is an online website that allows users to hold meetings over the Internet. The website allows such a thing by giving the users the ability to create a chat room where all the members of the meeting can group up and chat over the agenda.


The user can quickly setup a new meeting – give it a title, the location, date and start the conference.  Use the invite option to invite key staff members, and decision makers.

A great feature about Meetin.gs is the fact that it works on any device, and can be updated in real-time from all those supported devices, which includes the option to attach documents and even have a unique email for that meeting where documents, files and images can be dispatched.

The tool also supports online Skype conferences so you can video chat with key members of the staff while at your home or in the office right from the Meetin.gs conference room.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an online website that allows users to conduct meetings and online conferences without any hassle or trouble.

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The integrated Zoho chat feature allows key users to chat with each other and share their thoughts and opinions on the specific task, while the Share Desktop feature allows users to share their desktop screen with anyone online, allowing users to show them presentations, images, documents and much more.

You can also create more than one meeting the same time, allowing you to conduct more than one business at the same time.


Jabbster is a great online website that allows users to create private groups, invite people to that group and keep in touch with the group using some great and helpful features.

The Group discussion allows users to communicate with each other in the form of instant messages and text. The calendar allows users to locate your next trip.

You can even share your files and photos with the private people online. The images stay safe and secure.

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is yet another handy tool that gives user the ability to share high-definition video with each other in one simple click. The user can also hold more than one meeting at the same time, which can be accessed and updated through your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

If the user does not have a video camera, the user can utilize the in-built computer microphone or local telephone to conduct audio conferences.


ShowDocument is one of the fastest ways of creating an online meeting. The website does not require the user to make any account and thus the meeting can be started in a simple click.

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Once done, the user can share the private meeting with a unique link or invite people to the meeting by sending them an email.

ShowDocument has a range of rich features to make your meeting most productive. Features include from ability to share documents, to sharing online whiteboard and sharing screen and even locations from Google Maps.

One of the best features I liked about ShowDocument was the Chat Translator, which allowed users to conduct meetings with clients overseas and not have to worry about language barriers.

Just like other meeting websites, ShowDocument also allows users to start voice and video conferences with clients and key members.


Yugma allows any person to start web conferencing, anywhere and instantly share their desktop and ideas, messages with anyone they invite into the meeting.

The Free version of Yugma Meeting allows users to invite up to 1 attendees with a 1 hour meeting limitation. If you are satisfied with the service, you can purchase Yugma pro version which offers many extra features.


Sync.in allows users to edit and create documents in real-time. It becomes a problem when multiple people edit the document, and usually is very much time consuming.

Sync.in allows users to edit the same document simultaneously. The changes made are shown on the other users screen instantly.

The website is great for people who are collaborating on some new book idea, brainstorming or even making study notes or research papers.

If you think we missed any tool from the list, please share with us using the comments section below.

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