MemoPad – Metro UI Based Document Editor and Office 2010 Word Replacement

There are a number of alternatives to Windows notepad, some which we have already covered here, similarly you can find many free alternatives to Microsoft Office Word though if you are a fan of Office 2010 ribbon interface and document editing options it offers, then you may find these alternatives little less useful.

The one alternative which we found today, MemoPad might become perfect replacement to Office Word and other text editors; MemoPad not only offers most of the features of Microsoft Office Word, but also comes with nice and sleek metro interface. MemoPad is the first ever document program with Windows 8 like metro user interface.

MemoPad not only offers tools for text document editing but also supports Microsoft Office Word style ribbon editor with easy document formatting options. Once you install MemoPad you will notice that it has Windows 8 style startup screen with options to create, open or save documents, print, document wizard and other setting options for Memopad.

Under MemoPad options, you can change theme as well as tile background image.

When you click on “New” tile you will be presented with Office word like familiar screen, you can then start typing your document with all the text formatting options available at top ribbon menu.

Under MemoPad ribbon menu, you have other options such as Insert, Page Layout, References, View, Snack. Though you may be aware of most of these options by relating to Office Word menu but Snack option in MemoPad steals the show. This tab basically offers the easy access to online services such as, Facebook, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Bing and Google Translate.

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MemoPad also has comprehensives options to format document in table format with one click index creation.

Unfortunately, MemoPad is only available for 64-bit operating system and 32-bit is yet to released;  also MemoPad only has 30 trial runs and in order to full enjoy version you need to buy Klumbu points.

Download MemoPad Metro UI based Text Editor for Windows.



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