5 Handy Dictionary Apps for iPhone Users

Having a dictionary app on your phone is a wise and good thing to do, as you never know when you might come in need of now. Whether you are reading a novel, a newspaper, or hearing the news on the television or radio; coming across a word whose meaning you do not know is easy.

That is exactly why we have compiled this list of five great dictionary applications available for iPhone. The five apps are as follows:


Dictionary.com is one of the best available Dictionary apps for the iPhone, and costs nothing. The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with IOS 3.1 and later.

Dictionary.com has a colossal word bank of over 2,000,000 words, which includes definitions, antonyms and synonyms. A Thesaurus is also included in the app to ensure that you do not need separate apps for both.

The app also provides the users with an option to pronounce the words to get the best way to say it. The app works perfectly fine even when offline.

An audio feature in the app allows users to speak-and-search for the word they are looking for. This is particularly helpful when the user knows only the pronunciation but not the spellings of the word they are looking for.


WordWeb Dictionary is an easy to use, portable and fast dictionary application that every iPhone user can take advantage of with over 280,000 words, phrases, 70,000 usage samples, and 85,000-text pronunciations.

The app works offline just as well as it works online. An interesting feature is the ability to cross-reference definitions to both Chambers and old Oxford dictionary apps from WordWeb. This ensures the final accuracy of meaning of the word you are looking for.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary is an iPhone version of the online, helpful dictionary website by the same name. The app provides a colossal data bank of words and meanings, and also provides the user with the option to mark certain definitions as “favorite” and provides phonetics and audio playback of the word.

Currently, the Merriam-Webster app is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 3.0 and later.

Just like other apps, Merriam-Webster not only provides the user with a huge collection words and meanings, but also provides them with their synonyms and antonyms.

English Dictionary

English Dictionary is an application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users with iOS 3.0 and later. The app has a fairly large data bank of words and meanings, and has their related synonyms and antonyms loaded onto one app.

The pronunciation support allows users to listen to the word. Usage examples have been illustrated below the word to show the use of the word in a proper sentence.


The Dictionary! App is a dictionary-based application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users with iOS 4.3 or later. The app hosts a word bank of over 200,000+ definitions with an in-built thesaurus to give you the required synonyms and antonyms of the words.

Just like many of the other above applications, the app works perfectly fine offline as well as it works online. When online the user can utilize the Internet to search for a more detailed definition. The offline version provides short, easy to understand definitions.

These are some of the most widely used dictionary apps for iPhone. If you are travelling, or even if you are just going to your local library, we would suggest you to try out these dictionary apps, as they would surely help you out one day or another.

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