6 Handy Firefox Add-ons To Efficiently Manage Tabs

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser – fast, user-friendly and a favorite too many people. However, there arise situations where a flood of tabs take over the tab panel in Mozilla Firefox and it becomes difficult to manage and organize the tabs. It is then that the below listed add-ons come in action.

If you have Mozilla Firefox, you might want to check out the following six add-ons that allow you to manage your tabs in Firefox.


TooManyTabs is a helpful add-on available for Mozilla Firefox browser that allows users to open as many tabs as they like in different rows. The TooManyTabs add-on adds extra rows in Firefox tab barea saving not only your precious time, but also saves browser’s space and memory as idle tabs are put aside.

With this add-on, prioritizing your task is easy and simple. For example, open your work related tabs in the “Work” tab row, while open your social tabs in the “Social” tab row. This way, it does not only save memory but it becomes easy to locate tabs and manage them.


FoxTab is a simple add-on available for the Mozilla Firefox browser that brings 3D functionality to your browser. The FoxTab is an add-on that brings similar functionality as Safari browser to your browser by bringing “Speed Dial” feature and allowing you to skip through tabs in a 3D fashion.

The users can choose from six different attractive 3D layouts. As the browsing of tabs is made 3D, shifting through tabs seems much easier and handling tabs is simpler as you get a visual representation of your tab opened and know what tab has which website opened.

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Tab Mix Plus

The Tab Mix Plus is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that is intended to enhance Firefox tab browsing capabilities. The add-on includes features such as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options and undo closing tabs and much more.

The add-on also features a Session Manager which allows users to restore closed tabs in case Firefox crashes.


As the name of the add-on suggests, Showcase is a handy add-on for Mozilla Firefox that provides you a representation of your tabs as thumbnails in a single window, tab or sidebar.

Such a view allows users to easily manage and control the tabs they open. There is also a find bar feature that allows you to find through many tabs the website you are looking for. Such a feature saves time and helps with user-friendly handling of tabs.  You can showcase you tabs in a new windows, new tab or in sidebar. However, using the extension can be confusing. To view the tabs as thumbnails, you can enable shortcuts from extension options or use default add-on shortcuts.

To showcase all the opened tabs in a new window, press F12. On the hand, if you want to view them in a new tab (just like speed dial in Chrome), press Ctrl + Alt + T. Last but not the least, to show all the opened tabs in sidebar all you have to do is press Ctrl + Alt + S. Or simply go to View menu in Firefox and display the tabs as you want if you cant remember shortcuts.


ColorfulTabs is a tab management add-on for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to color every tab in different colors, and make them easy to distinguish from each other.

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Such a feature allows you to mentally know the difference between different tabs and allows you to manage tabs much more easily. While making tab organize more easily, the colorful tabs also add to the overall appearance of the interface.

Tab Scope

Tab Scope is an add-on that brings Mozilla Firefox users the option to preview and navigate their tabs content through popups.

The previews are real-time and the user can quickly navigate, scroll and click links or buttons inside the popup frame window. The users need not go to the individual tabs itself to perform these task as they can be performed right from one tab.

There you have it folks. If you have issues handling floods of tabs then we suggest that you try out the above given add-ons that allow users to manage their tabs in Mozilla Firefox.



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