5 Privacy Extensions Every Chrome Users Should Try

If you browse the Internet on a daily basis, you must know already of the different dangers lurking online, which infiltrate users secretly and may perform many different tasks. Some of the tasks performed by the web-bugs, hidden extensions may damage your computer or even put your privacy at risk. Today, we have gathered a list of five useful Google Chrome extensions to help you protect your privacy.


The WOT add-on is an extension available for Google Chrome that gives the users a crowd-sourced surfing tool for your browser. The traffic light rating symbols show to the user which websites on Internet they can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching.

These ratings are given by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who use WOT and help make the Internet a much more safer and secure place.

As the user makes a web search on any search engine, the WOT add-on displays the ratings of the websites right next to them. Another great feature is the fact that all shortened URL links and links to social networking websites such as Facebook are covered by the WOT ratings.


The NotScripts extension is available for the Google Chrome browser that gives the users the control over many different JavaScript, iframes and plugins that run in the browser.

Such an application would be effective in mitigating certain attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and drive by downloads by blocking the third party content even before it runs in the background.

The Whitelist feature gives you the option to whitelist specific sites that you believe are trustworthy and secure to the limit, such as – Hotmail, Gmail, etc

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an amazingly helpful extension available for Google Chrome browser that allows users to block ads displayed on various websites.

By preventing the display of the ads on websites the browsing experience of the user is made not only safe and secure but there is also much more less burden on the computer of handling the ads.

Juts configure the Settings of the Adblock Plus and browse the web without having to see any more ads again. The browsing experience is faster and secure.


Ghostery is an extension for Google Chrome browser that gives the user the option to detect the different trackers, web bugs, pixels and beacons placed on many different web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics and other networks.

The tracker gives companies the ability to track your activities, create infographics, and help with many other things as well.

Once you have learned of the different trackers and beacons placed on web pages, Ghostery gives the user the option to control these trackers. You can block different scripts and even block images and iframes from companies you don’t trust.

Proxy Switchy

Proxy Switchy is an extension available for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to manage different proxies and allows users to manage and switch between different proxy profiles.

The app can be used to change the Proxy configuration of Google Chrome and IE in one click. You can also add rules for currently active websites. The app also gives you the option to monitor your changing proxies.

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There you have it folks, these are some five extensions and add-ons for the Google Chrome browser that will allow you to make your Internet surfing much safer. If you think we missed any extension, please share with us.



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