4 Apps To Backup SMS Messages in Android Smartphones

If you send out SMS messages frequently on your Android mobile and it remains an important part in your daily routine – receiving and sending out important information via SMS – then you must try the following four apps, which allow you to backup your SMS messages on Android OS.

A backup endures that you never lose your important messages, which may include – your friend’s telephone number, your password, your bank account number, etc

SMS Backup+

The SMS Backup+ app is one of the best available apps on the Android device to backup SMS messages. The users can easily backup SMS and call log entries to their Gmail/ Google Calendar.

The app also supports an Auto-backup feature, which ensures that new SMS are always back (ed) up, and you just need to set the settings once and never have to worry about losing your SMS ever again.

When you need to reinstate the SMS or call log entries, just click on the “Restore” button and choose the file to restore saved SMS and call log entries back to your phone.


GP SMS Pro is actually a messaging app available for the Android system that allows you to enjoy your SMS experience on a more stylish, user-friendly layout.

The GO SMS Pro allows you to send out SMS/MMS and send files and share service through 2G/3G/4G or WiFi by SMS.

Just use the SMS backup feature available in GO SMS Pro to backup all your SMS messages and e-mail them to your e-mail address online. You can even put a password lock on the Go SMS Pro app to secure your information.

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SMS Backup & Restore

The SMS Backup & Restore app is an application strictly made for saving your SMS messages for later viewing and for later restoring them back to your mobile. A very helpful feature, especially when you want to save a few important messages and are upgrading your phone firmware.

One of the best features of the app is the automatic schedule backup which as the name suggests automatically backups your messages at given intervals of time.

The backups can be created in XML format and saved on the memory SD card – while the XML format can be converted into any other format once on the computer.

You can also send those backups to your email address. For the time being, the app only supports SMS messages and not MMS messages.

SMS Backup

The SMS Backup app is available for Android devices with Android OS 1.5 and up. The app allows users to quickly retrieve their SMS messages and save them for security, or archival purposes.

Unlike other applications, the SMS Backup app does not store the backup in an XML file format. The app instead sends the SMS messages to your Gmail account. However, for this to work, the user needs to enable the IMAP in your Gmail preferences.

Once done, just open the application and click on the “Backup” button to backup your messages. The app also supports auto backup feature which automatically backups new SMS as you receive them.

If you know about any other application which can help users create a backup of their messages, please share with us using the comments section below.

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