5 Handy Websites To Upload And Share Large Files

Nowadays, we come across situations where need to share large files with our friends, colleagues, etc. Emailing those files might not be the best thing to do as majority of services does not allow users to attach large files (greater than 50-60mb) in emails. Today, we have compiled a list of useful websites that allow you to upload and share large files online. You can upload image files, important documents, music files, PDF files and share them privately or publicly with anyone, you wish.


Dropbox is one of the most used and connected websites on the Internet that allows users to share file with other people – either publicly or privately. When I say it is the most connected service means that many different online tools, apps, and smartphones out there support the app making it one of the best services available.

There are four types of accounts available on Dropbox – Free, Pro 50, Pro 100 and Teams.

The free account supports up to 2GB upload cap, while the Pro 50 has 50GB, the Pro 100 has 100 GB and the Teams account type supports upload up to 1TB+.

You can create folders using your Dropbox dashboard, upload files into the folders and set permissions for the files and folders that make it either visible to the public or private people only.


FileDropper is one of the simplest and easiest ways to share files, images and documents online with a group of people or friends and family.

The user is just required to upload the file onto the website and the website will automatically provide the user with a link to the uploaded file. The user can upload up to a maximum of 5GB of file in one go.

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The method of uploading is fast and effective at the same time.


Senduit is another great online website that allows users to upload their files and share it with friends or family members – the files uploaded on senduit are intended for more private purposes as the link is private, meaning only the ones who have it can view the file.

Another great feature on Senduit is the “Expire In” option, which automatically deletes the file after the set time, for example, 30 minutes – 1 week.

However, there is no option that allows you to keep your file on Senduit for an infinite amount of time. The file will be deleted after the given set of time.


DropSend is probably one of the best online website if you are looking to upload large sized files (up to 2GB is allowed). This may include items such as – images, documents and MP3s.

As the name of the website suggests, the user is required to enter an e-mail address into the given fields of the recipient and the user. Once the file is uploaded, the recipient receives the download link to the file.

The user can also add an optional message or subject to let the user know what the file is.


Ge.tt is another great example of websites found online that allow users to upload large files and share them with their friends or relatives.

The free user account on the website allows users to have a 2GB worth of storage space. The account creation setup takes only a few seconds.

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Once the file is uploaded, the user can is provided with the short link to the file and given the feature to share the file with friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

These are just some of the five great websites found online that allow users to upload multiple types of files and share them with friends and family with a link to the file.



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  1. Dropbox is my favourite one. I have been using it since six months and never found any problem. Recently downloaded its application for Android and is working very fast making my work easier than ever.

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