4 Android Apps to Track and Manage Your Expenses

If you want to keep track of your expenses and want to manage them in such a way that allows you to know just how, when and where you spent your money, the below listed four applications will help you do exactly just that.


Mint is one of the best apps out there if you want to keep a track of the record of expenses you incur over the month and so.

You can divide your finance in different categories – savings, checking and credit cards. Add expenses and receipts with the touch of a button.

Since the application holds private information, including your budget, expenses and credit card details (if given), password protection is used to protect your vital information in case you misplace or lose your mobile.

You can also setup recurring bills to automatically add to your expenses, and the application will give you timely reminders of upcoming bills, fees, low balance in bank account/credit card limit, unusual activity and more.

At the end of the month or so, you can view a graphical representation of your expenses showing you where you spent most of the money allowing you to organize your expenses next month and save money.


Pageonce is a great nifty little application for the Android device that allows users to keep a track of all the money and bills. The bills can be set to reminders, after which the app will automatically notify you as the bill due date comes closer.

Another great feature found in Pageonce is the feature that allows you to track your mobile minutes, text and data usage. Most apps only allow you to track your bank accounts, money and bills so this feature is very much welcomed.

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The calendar gives you an overview of the month showing you of payments due. You can also monitor your credit card and bank transactions once you connect with the bank through the app – many major banks and credit card companies are supported in the app.

Expense Manager

If you are tired of keeping track of your expenses on a register or a piece of paper, get over it and install Expense Manager for Android.

An application built to handle your daily finances and keep track of every expense you incur and every penny you gain. By the end of the day, week or month you can create a report to see where you spent most of your money.

Setup your recurring bills so that they automatically add to your expense account and that you never forget to pay them. Be notified before the due date.

Access to Internet allows download of currency exchange rate when you are dealing with foreign currency.

Expense Control

Expense Control is an application for Android OS that gives the users the ability to manage their expenses and income from salary. At the very end of the week or month, a salary summary allows users to find out where and how exactly the money was spent, giving them more control over their income.

The app supports English and Spanish language now. Password protection allows users to protect their vital information stored in the application.

Custom categories and sub-categories can be created to further organize and manage your expenses. For example, Home, Shopping, etc.

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Export and Import option available to backup your finances and expense.

There you have it folks. The Android apps not only make it easier to keep track of the expenses but also ensure safety of all the records.



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