Remove Duplicate Notes Add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2010 & 2007

Remove Duplicate Notes is nifty add-on for Microsoft Outlook Notes, basically this add-on lets you to remove duplicates notes which are stored in your Outlook Notes folder. The duplicate notes are those which have similar subject, text and color. You may end up with duplicates notes either by synching different email accounts in Microsoft outlook or if you restore older backups. This add-on can come handy for those having hundreds of duplicate notes in their Outlook folder and don’t want to go through hassle of manually checking and deleting each and every note.

Remove Duplicate Notes Outlook add-on is available for free for non-commercial purpose. Once you download and install you can access Remove Duplicate add-on via new tab “” added to outlook ribbon menu.

Under tab, you get the options to customize or run Remove Duplicate Notes add-on. When you first time run this addon you will be prompted to select Outlook notes folder. Simply click on configure and select notes folder, don’t forget to hit save button to preserve the folder settings.

You can also set whether to delete duplicate notes permanently or move to selected folder. Once you finish adjusting settings, hit run button and add-on will instantly cleanup duplicate notes. You will be also presented with delete report at the end of the run.

The add-on is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010, however Remove Duplicate Notes add-on doesn’t work out of the box, you need to download and install runtime. Another annoyance is, all the download links are locked behind logins, meaning you need to register on that site in order to download this add-on and runtime installer.

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Download Remove Duplicate Notes add-on for Microsoft Outlook.



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