4 Online Tools To Help You Generate Strong Passwords

These days keeping, a strong password is very much a necessity, as users need to protect their personal information and prevent hackers from hacking their accounts and messing around with it.

However, not everyone can come up with a nice strong password, which is why we have compiled a list of four online tools that allow users to generate strong passwords.

Make Password

Make Password is an online website/tool that allows users to generate strong password, which they can use for their email IDs and other accounts online.

The passwords generated by Make Passwords are not stored, and are created randomly. The user can choose if he or she wants to use Uppercase, Lowercase, Characters, and Symbols or all of them in one password.

The user can also select the “Password Strength” option, which displays the strength of the password next to it, in a range of 0 – 100 (with 100 being the strongest).

Once the user can picked out all the options, just click “Make Password(s)” and the passwords will be generated and displayed.

Free Password Generator

Free Password Generator is an online website that allows users to generate strong passwords. The passwords are unique and are never stored on the website server to ensure maximum privacy and security.

The very first step is to choose the type of symbols to be used in the password, which include – String Letters (a-z), Capital letters, Digitals and Special symbols (!, +).

The second step is to choose the password length. This is fairly an important part, as not everyone tends to remember long passwords. However, the longer the password the more complex and strong it will be.

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Once done, just click on the “Generate” button and the password will be displayed to you. You can click on “Generate” multiple times till you find a password you like.

Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is one of the fastest ways to create a strong password. All a user is required to do is choose the length of the password, with minimum of 5 letters to a maximum of 30. The user can then choose whether symbols are to be included in the password or not.

Once done, just click the “Generate Strong Password” button and the password will be generated using a script and be displayed on the website.

One of the best features on the website is the “Remember your password as” line, which makes your password an acronym for something and gives you the ability to remember your password in terms of something. For example: the password: i#2K1 can be remembered as – India # 2 KILO 1


PasswordBird is an interesting online tool that creates a strong, secure password from things most dear to you, for example, the name, word, and date special to you.

Once you have given your favorite word, date and name click on the “Create Password” button and a special, unique password will be generated from that given information.

You can also click on the “make a new one” button to generate a new password from that information, another random, yet unique password.

One thing to note is that the website does not use any special symbols; however, it does utilize uppercase, lowercase and numerical values in the password.

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So the next time you want to change your password, or want to keep a strong one after you experienced your account getting hacked or so, check out the above websites to create some of the most secure and safe combos.



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