4 Apps To Manage Files on Your Android Device

There are many situations where you need to move a file on your Android device from one folder to another but just cannot do it the easy way. One way is to connect it the computer and do the task manually, however, when you have no computer nearby you can rely on these four file management apps for Android.

1. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is one of the most popular file managing and organizing software for the Android device. You can use the ASTRO app to organize your images, music files, videos and other files as well.

You can browse through your memory card perform many actions on the files inside, including – Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, Details, Save As and Send. Another great feature found in ASTRO File Manager is the task manager that allows users to end processes that burn battery life and allows you to backup your applications in case you change or lose your phone.

2. ES File Explorer

The ES File Explorer app for Android is an amalgam of pretty much everything, from a file manager & task manager to a dropbox client with FTP access capabilities that allow you to explore your phone and computer.

If you have any ZIP files inside your memory card, then worry not for ES File Explorer can also decompress ZiP files, and create encrypted ZIP files if you want. A feature that I am sure many will like. The Root Explorer feature can be used to explore the whole file systems and data directors of your Android phone – a task more used by Android app developers and so.

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3. Android File Manager

Android File Manager is one of the simpler file manager apps out there for the Android OS that allow users to move, copy, rename, delete and perform other essential tasks with files inside the memory card.

Just like the other file management apps, the Android File Manager also has a Task Manager that be used to terminate tasks that are hogging up your phone RAM and battery. The interface is very user-friendly and be used to quickly move in and about the directories.

4. File Manager

The File Manager app for Android has a very clean and user-friendly interface that can be used to navigate through and about your memory card.

Use the “Search” feature to search for files inside the memory card and “Sort” files. Further organize your files, you can “Create” and “Remove” folders, and also Copy and Rename files. The File Manager for Android has a built-in text editor, image gallery and SWF player for media files.

Do you know about any other file manager app for Android worth mentioning? If yes, please share with us using the comments section below.



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