KineSis, First Kinect SDK for Windows Based App to Control Presentation with Microsoft Kinect

Recently Microsoft had launched first Microsoft Kinect SDK beta for Windows, opening whole new era of Windows apps which can control Windows & software with real world actions & not mouse clicks or keyboard. The possibility of Microsoft Kinect is endless and left to the imagination of developers to come up with cool apps and KineSis, is the one such app which we came across today at CodePlex.

This could be the first Windows App developed using Kinect Windows Beta SDK. KineSis is the project which allows you to control presentations and perform various other talk using Microsoft Kinnect. As the moment KineSis lets you to open documents such as Microsoft office documents,  text, image files. Also based on gestures, you can control the presentation (move to next slide/page, scroll, zoom).

Another feature which KineSis offers is the intervention in current slide/page by focusing or highlighting the important elements from presentation (Paint over presentation).

Check out below demo video of KineSis in Action,

Before you download and run KineSis, there is long list of software requirements which you must make sure to meet in order to get KineSIS working,

.Net Famework 4.0, Windows 7, Kinnect SDK Beta 2, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 redistribution package and Office 2010 or 2007.

Download KineSis Setup for Windows 7.

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