Import Your Old Google Reader Notes to Delicious Account

Back in 2008, Google had introduced share anywhere option in Google Reader, where users can add their own notes and share it with friends or family members. Fast forward to 2011, after Google come up with their social network, Google+, to encourage users and keep them engaged with Google+ they have made changes in the way users can share their Google Reader stories with Google+ circles.

The option to share with note is gone, though users still have access to their old notes. If you are one of those who hate this change and want to move your Google Readers Notes to some other place then here is small tool for you. Google reader notes to Delicious Export tool, developed in .NET WPF, this app lets you to upload JSON file exported from Google Readers Notes you have created and upload to Delicious.

Google reader notes to Delicious Export has simple interface and option to enter Delicious account details and browse and select JSON file. Once you browse and select JSON file enter your delicious account details and click on Export to delicious button. If all went successful a message will be displayed, “All notes exported successfully”.

Download Google Reader to Delicious Export.

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