Notepad 7 – Office 2010 Ribbon Style Text Editor for Windows 7

There are numerous text editors available for Windows and you might have come across few replacements for Windows default notepad, which are not only superior but also offers advance text editing features. However if you are fan of simplicity then no one can beat Windows notepad.

Today we came across one such text editor for Windows which has simplicity like notepad and Microsoft Outlook style ribbon interface and that is Notepad 7. Developed by one single individual, Notepad7 still uses Windows notepad as base and only has changes in appearance.

The Office 2010 style ribbon interface gives instant access to text editing features and also offers option to save documents as either .txt extension or select your own file extension. Notepad 7 is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

Some other options which are worth mentioning are dedicated button to add date time, ability to customize quick access toolbar & minimize ribbon toolbar or place it below ribbon toolbar.

Here is comparison of Notepad 7 and windows notepad.

Download Notepad 7.

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