Hide/Show Internet Explorer 9 Options Settings with IE 9 Control Options Tabs

The most of the Internet Explorer 9 settings related to security, connections, content etc. are found under Internet Explorer Options tab. To stay safe on Internet from malicious websites & harmful content, a tight control on these internet explorer settings is must. However when multiple users uses same PC, it could happen that one of them may accidentally change the settings, leaving your PC vulnerable.

The issue is significant for home users as compared to companies, where most of the settings are enforced using group policy to manage and control the web browser configuration across the network.  Unfortunately there is setting  which can let you lock internet explorer options, so that it can be prevented from accidental modification but one utility which we feel can come handy is, IE9 Control Options Tabs.

Less than 200kb in size IE9 Control Options Tabs does an amazing job of protecting Internet Explorer 9 settings by hiding the tabs which you do not want others to mess around with on your PC. IE9 Control Options Tabs lets you to hide following tabs of Internet Explorer 9 Settings windows,

General, Security, Privacy, Content, Programs, Advance & Connections Tab.

It has easy to follow user interface and works on most Windows operating system including XP and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. It doesn’t require any installation and you are ready to go as soon as you download IE9 Control Options Tabs.

In order to hide options tabs, you have to click on Enable Control Options Tabs and then check associated checkbox beside the tabs you want to hide, and click on Hide button, that’s it.

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Now if you open Internet Explorer 9 Options windows you will notice that the tabs you selected are no longer visible.

To revert back, simply check the box of hidden tabs and click on show button. You can find the current status of tab, whether it is hidden or visible under tabs status column.

Though this is not a robust solution but it does offer basic protection by hiding options tabs, which will be more than enough for your family members and kids using that PC.

Another similar utility which does similar job is Internet Explorer Options Disabler, with only difference this utility lets to restrict instead hiding those option tabs.

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  1. Since downloading IE 9 I have been getting pop ups.  I checked my internet options and from what I can tell I still have my pop ups blocked. Is there something else that needs to be done? Also certain words in articles are “linked” that weren’t before.  Is there a way to stop this?

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