Quickly Find and Remove Duplicate Videos with Visual Search Pony

You can find number of utilities to find and remove duplicate files and folders, however when it comes to removing duplicate video files, we do not have much choices. The issue with finding duplicate video files is that, you can have different versions of one video with small changes like resolution or audio which are hard to detect with simple file search program.

Visual Search Pony, is the one tool which we found to perform excellent in finding & removing duplicate videos. Visual Search Pony is free tool which helps to find and delete duplicate video files in various formats and resolutions. Below is features list of Visual Search Pony,

1. Detect identical and converted video copies

2. Pick the best copies automatically based on present criteria

3. Manage files

4. Preview and play clips from from the search list

5. Supported video formats – AVI, MKV, 3GP, MPG, SWF, MP4, WMV, FLV files

Once you download and install Visual Search Poly, you can start adding folders or hard disk portions to source folder for scanning for duplicate videos.

Under options tab you can set different search criteria such as comparing fires 20 seconds or 5 minutes for more precision. You can also set auto select option to none or based on resolution, duration, size or last modification time.

Visual Search Pony File manager offers easy access to cut, copy and move options.

You can also adjust number of thumbnails of video under view option.

Another handy feature Visual Search Pony offers is saving the workspace, which can come extremely useful when are in rush or have hundreds of video in your library and done want to spend time in scanning again.

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Overall Visual Search Pony utility is fast and very efficient, a must utility for video editors as you can save terabyte of space on your hard drive by removing duplicate videos.

Visual Search Pony works on : Windows XP, Vista, 7 with 1 Gb or more RAM.

Download Visual Search Pony to find and remove duplicate videos.



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  1. Visual search pony is one of the free tool that will more you to find it and delete that one on here. And, it can set auto set collection on here. Its really useful article without any doubt :)

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