Take Desktop Screenshot & Upload to DropBox with CloudShot

A number of freeware utilities and tools you can find for Windows which not just simplifies screenshot taking but also enhances Windows Print Screen feature by adding additional functionality such as uploading to private FTP account, image sharing website, Tweet on twitter or capture only portion of screen etc. Now here is one such utility CloudShot, which will come handy for those users who love DropBox.

CloudShot is freeware utility for taking desktop screenshots. The most interesting feature it offers is, integration of DropBox account.  Apart from that CloudShot also lets you to take screenshot of screen region or full window from menus and tooltips.

Features of CloudShot

1. Ability to integrate with Dropbox.

2. Ability to take a screenshots of screen region.

3. Ability to take a screenshots of the window (by click in window).

4. Ability to take screenshots of the menus and tooltips.

5. It is also supported by work with multiple monitors.

6. History of recent shots (just 10 shots now).

In order to upload screenshots to DropBox you must have dropbox for Windows installed, configured & running while using CloudShot. CloudShot allows you to save screenshtos in .png or .jpg format. You can also set option to copy url of DropBox to clipboard and choose to open after saving screenshot.

CloudShot will reside in your system tray and you can access all the options with just right click. No other keyboard shortcut is required, press print screen keyboard shortcut and you are ready to take screenshot and upload it to your DropBox account.

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Checkout Below video of CloudShot in Action

Download CloudShot for Windows.



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3 thoughts on “Take Desktop Screenshot & Upload to DropBox with CloudShot”

  1. Cloudshot has an lot of features with free ware utility of taking desktop screen shot and it has an tool tips on here. Thanks a lot for given up here :)

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