Convert eBooks from .epub to .mobi format with EPUB to MOBI

Since the inception of pocketpc and large screen mobile phones, book publishers have attempted to make eBooks available in the form which is easily readable on small screen sizes of pocketpc and mobile phones. The two popular formats in which the ebooks are distributed are ePub & Mobi. ePUB is open standard and used by variety of book publishers and media houses. ePUB uses XHTML to display the text  small screen & ebooks in ePUB format have .epub as extension.

Mobi format was created by MobilePocket and was used in their MobilePocket reader app for mobile phones which later got acquired by Amazon. Hence Amazon Kindle only supports .mobi ebook format, another reason is, ability to DRM protect eBooks which is not supported in .epub ebook format.

You might have purchased many ebooks which are in epub format and want to transfer on your Amazon Kindle. If you are wondering how you could do that then here is freeware tool for you, EPUB to MOBI.

EPUB to MOBI is software to convert ebooks in .epub format to .mobi format, it also supported batch conversion to convert multiple epub ebooks to .mobile ebooks. This software will automatically extract the original contents of each EPUB file, then analysis, format and convert these files. The conversion process is very fast.

After running the software, press the hotkey “Ctrl + O” to select the *.epub files you want to convert, then press “Cltr + E” to start the conversion, you need to specify an output folder, the resulting *.mobi files will are stored in the output folder.

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Download EPUB to MOBI Freeware Tool.



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2 thoughts on “Convert eBooks from .epub to .mobi format with EPUB to MOBI”

  1. It’s not possible to get .mobi books into the Kindle app that weren’t purchased from Amazon right now. I did some googling and found a number of forum posts recommending iPad/iPhone file system tools to drop the ebook into the Kindle folder.I used Vibosoft mobi to ePub converter tool.

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