Enjoy Windows 8 Metro Start Menu on Windows 7

The day Microsoft has made Windows 8 Developer Preview for public download we have been publishing various tools & guides on how to disable Windows 8 Metro Start Menu and get back Windows 7 style classic menu but today we are going to do exactly opposite of that. Yes, here we are back with simple utilities which will let you to enjoy Windows 8 Start Menu UI on Windows 7.

Previously we had covered how you can enjoy Windows 8 metro widgets & tiles on Windows 7 with Pulmon. Now here is Pulmon Start, a small portable utility which adds Windows 8 Like Metro Based Start Menu on Windows 7. Just download & run Pulmon Start. With this Metro Start Menu you can have access to Settings, Devices, Share and Search. By right clicking on Metro Start Menu you can access options. Though not many options it has but author of the utility plans to add in future.

Download Pulmon Start.

Next utility we have is Windows 8 Start Menu Widget which will let you show the new start widget in Windows 8 on Windows 7.

Download Windows 8 Start Menu Widget.

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  1. Great software, very2 excelent for display my windows, thanks so much

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