Retrieve Private Browsing History on Firefox with PrivateBrowsingHistoryRecovery

Firefox Private browsing was introduced in Firefox 3.5 with the goal to protect user privacy. In a regular browsing session Firefox or any other browser tracks and records lots of data such as the site user visits, search bar entries, download lists, cookies & web cache files but if you don’t want Firefox to record this stuff then that’s where private browsing comes to the rescue.

You can enable Firefox private browsing by hitting Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut or via Firefox Menu -> Start Private Browsing option. You might be thinking private browsing will save you from other users of computer snooping into browser history; unfortunately that’s not true. Your private browsing history can be easily recovered with one of the Firefox extension, PrivateBrowsingHistoryRecovery.

The Nicoleta developer behind this extension says that, “The extension was implemented as a part of my dissertation project with the aim to illustrate the limitations found on private browsing mode.”

To install PrivateBrowsingHistoryRecovery visit this extension page and hit Add to Firefox button and restart your browser.

Once installed you can load the private history sidebar using CTRL+SHIFT+U as the shortcut keyboard key, or otherwise by selecting on Firefox View-> Sidebar-> PrivateBrowsingRetriever. Once sidebar is loaded every sites you visits in your private browsing session will be recorded proving Firefox Private Browsing is not truly that private.

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