Enable Aero Snap on Windows 8 with Windows 8 Snap Enabler

We have covered quite a number of articles on Windows 8 Developer Preview ranging from small tweaks to enable Windows 8 Classic Menu to mammoth size procedure of installing Windows 8 on Vmware & adding & enabling safe boot option in Windows 8 & also couple of utilities like Start Menu Selector & Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle.

Now here is yet another small utility for Windows 8, Windows 8 Snap Enabler. The utility may not be of much use to those having desktops supporting higher resolutions but if you have small netboot on which you are testing Windows 8 Developer Preview then Windows 8 Snap Enabler is the tool for you.

As the name suggests this utility will enable snap feature on Windows 8 Developer Preview which disabled on small screens with low resolution. In case you want to revert back you have option to disable the feature.

Download Windows 8 Snap Enabler.

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