Switch Between Classic & Metro Start Menu on Windows 8 from Context Menu

We have covered an article on how to manual disable metro start menu and get back windows 7 style classic start menu on Windows 8, we had also covered a utility Start Menu Toggle which lets you to quickly switch between metro & classic start menu.

Now here is yet another small tweak Start Menu Selector which is designed to quickly change the Windows 8 Start Menu from Metro to classic style on Windows 8. When you download Start Menu Selector it comes with two executable files, one lets you to install Start Menu Selector and second executable lets you to delete the entry made by Start Menu selector in context menu.

Upon double clicking Start Menu Selector.exe it simply inserts the “Start Menu Selector” into system context menu. Right clicking anywhere on desktop you can bringe up context menu, click on Start Menu Selector so change the Metro start menu to classic Windows 7 style start menu.

If you want to revert back then again click on “Start Menu Selector” in context menu. To uninstall click on Delete Start Menu Selector From context menu.exe file and it will remove the entry from context menu.

Download Start Menu Selector.

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