Mouse without Borders – A Simple Tool to Move Files between Computers

Like Google’s 80/20 policy where employees are allowed to work on their dream projects in their 20% of working hours, Microsoft has The Garage, a Microsoft initiative to encourage innovation among employees. Often The Garage projects either ship as part of a Microsoft project or remains internal but few which don’t fall into Microsoft Products category and gets enough requests from Microsoft employees to allow them to share with family & friends are sometime released as standalone public download.

Mouse without Borders is one such product of Microsoft The Garage. The Mouse without Borders is an application useful for those having multiple PCs or Laptops at home or office. Using Mouse without Borders one can access any machines from one computer, share keyboard & mouse across all machines (up to four machines), move files between the 2 computers simply by dragging them from one desktop to another & much more. Everything is achieved with just software. Mouse without Border is developed by Truong Do, who by day is a developer for Microsoft Dynamics.

In order to make use of Mouse without Borders one has to install this application on all the machines he/she wants control over LAN. After downloading about 1.1 Mb of mouse without Border installer, double click and install first on your primary computer. At one stage of installation you will be provided with Computers name and Security code which is required to link other computers.

When you are installing Mouse without Borders on other computers make sure to use Computer Name & Security Code provided to you during first install.

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Once done you can access all the features from Mouse without Borders from system tray. From settings context menu option you can view the list of all connected machines as well as keyboard shortcuts to quickly access other machines and share clipboard content.

Features of Mouse without Borders

1. Control multiple computers seamlessly using a single mouse and keyboard

2. Peer-to-peer system: Any machine can be a master machine

3. Multiple mode: Keyboard / mouse repeat in all machines

4. Shared clipboard: copy text / image / screenshot from one machine and paste to other machines

5. Drag / drop file across machines

6. Work on logon / UAC desktop

7. Personalize Logon Screen – a plus feature for Windows 7

Download Mouse without Borders.



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