View Programs & Files Loaded After Windows Boot with After Boot File Viewer

We are sure you would have noticed that machine with freshly installed Windows boots faster than the one which has Windows running for past six months to year. The reason for this is as you start installing programs and applications many of the files are added to Windows boot process to load at startu and this is what causes the slowdown in Windows boot process.

If you can control & remove those unnecessary files and programs added to Windows startup then you can reduce the Windows boot time significantly but unfortunately Windows doesn’t provide any way to let us know which programs are loaded in startup. To solve this problem here is free utility After Boot File Viewer.

As the name suggest this utility lets you to view the programs that load after PC boots.  This utility can also become handy in case when you are suspicious about virus or malware infection. The utility can be run any time once your Windows is booted.

After Boot Files Viewer

Download After Boot File Viewer.

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3 thoughts on “View Programs & Files Loaded After Windows Boot with After Boot File Viewer”

  1.  i think we can stop start up application going in Run > type msconfig > Startup and uncheck which you want to disable on start up.That’s it.

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