G+7 Google+ Windows 7 Desktop Gadget Shows Live Message Feed on Desktop

Facebook’s new rival Google +, social networking site from Google has captured enough eye bolls and demonstrated highest growth in its first week of launch. Though the growth of Google+ may have slowed down but it has definitely captured healthy Facebook user base. Due to Google+ integration in Gmail and other Google service users are lured to check their accounts frequently and it’s quite difficult to resist oneself from checking for new messages from your Google+ friends.

If you are one of those then here is G+7, Google+ Windows 7 Desktop Gadget for you. This gadget lets you to view live stream of updates from your Google+ friends without opening the browser. Due to this gadget, you will no longer need to open your browser whenever you want to check your Google+ messages.

G+7 offers preview of message in a flyout pane and also supports multiple sizes in undocked mode. The installation of G+7 is quite simple as it just takes simple double click on g+7.gagdte file and Windows 7 will automatically add g+7 to your sidebar or you can access from control panel and add G+7 gadget to Windows 7 sidebar.

From gadget option you can adjust frequency of update & undock size.

Download G+7 Google+ Windows 7 Desktop Gadget.

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