Microsoft Demos Native Windows 8 ISO & VHD Support (Video)

Yesterday we had reported about Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer UI video demo published by Microsoft and now here is yet another Windows 8 feature demo video published at Building Windows 8 by Rajeev from Microsoft. The video demonstrates Windows 8 support for ISO and VHD storage formats. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has become most popular format for storing copies of most optical disc such as DVD, CDs. An ISO file is simply a disc image stored as a file, composed of all of the contents of a CDROM or DVD disc. You can also think of an ISO file as a full-fidelity image (digital copy) of the optical disc.

Until now users need to download third party tools to open, mount or create ISO files but considering increase in popular of ISO format & huge demand for native ISO support, Microsoft Windows 8 team has decided to add native capability to mount ISO & VHD files. One can quickly access ISO content on Windows 8 just double clicking on ISO file & Windows 8 will create virtual CD/DVD drive which acts as real physical drive is connected to machine.

Similarly when one double clicks on VHD files Windows 8 will create virtual hard disk and user can access or modify content of VHD file

Check out below Demo Video on Windows 8 VHD & ISO Format support

Windows 8 ISO & VHD Native Support Video

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