Microsoft Demos Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer UI (Video)

Today on “Building Windows 8” Blog Microsoft’s Alex Simon, part of Windows 8 Development team published demo video of Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon features & improvements. Speaking about Windows Explorer, Alex says, despite of having 200 commands in explorer the larger part of Windows customer base uses small number of Windows Explorer Commands of which Copy, Paste, Delete, Refresh, Rename accounts for about 81.8% of command use.  Also the analysis on command entrypoint usage suggested that maximum users invoke commands from non-primary UI of explorer.

This clearly suggests there is room to enhance Windows Explorer. From Windows XP to Vista to Windows 7 Microsoft has bought several design changes to Windows Explorer may not substantial one but Windows 8 with Metro UI definitely calls of a complete overhaul. Hence the new ribbon interface with useful commands will be the part of Windows 8 Explorer UI.

The ribbon interface also provides much more reliable and usable touch-only interface than pull-down menus and context menus. The new ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer will offer various tabs which will group the similar commands; such as home tab which will be house of all file and folder management commands like Copy, Create New folder, Movie Folder, Delete etc.

Share Tab has access to quickly sharing, email zip. View tab to adjust icon size, preview pane and other commands and context tab which will offer file specific commands.

Check out below demo video of Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Demos Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer UI (Video)”

  1. Just seen Pirates of Silicon Valley today and the stuff about Microsoft’s DOS. The improvements look good to me anyway! I like the ribbon stuff in windows

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