Enjoy Windows 8 Immersive UI Web Browser on Windows 7, Vista with Zuro

From the start we are following Windows 8 related developments and news, recently we had covered an article on Pulmon, a utility to enjoy Windows 8 Metro tiles & Widgets on Windows 7. The first Windows 8 demo video published at D9 conference showed us that Windows 8 will have new user interface which will be inherited by most Windows 8 apps that includes browser too.

Windows 8 browser will have new immersive UI though not much is known about what special features this browser will have except the interface, so if you are wondering how you can enjoy Windows 8 browser right now on your Windows 7 or Vista then here is something for you.

Zuro is free application which lets you to enjoy Windows 8 Immersive UI Web Browser like browser  on Windows 7, Vista & Xp. The Zuro browser is developed by young Microsoft enthusiasts and is designed to look alike Windows 8 Immersive UI web browser.

Here is the list of features

1. Windows 8 Immersive UI and full Metro UI

2. Use low memory

3. Tab Control (Currently Limited)

4. Support Chat System

5. Support Site Icon, Change in Encryption Level, Change in Homepage

6. Very smart and easy to use

7. Support Tab preview

8. Support all extensions used in IE

9. Common Web Browser Tasks

10. Use Metro Homepages

11. Control on Size

Zuro Windows 8 Immersive UI Web Browser

Download Zuro for Windows 7, Vista & Xp.

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