Remove Autorun Viruses from USB Drives with USB Protector

With the intention of simplifying developers job Microsoft has introduced autorun previously known as autoplay feature in Windows 95. Autorun is used to simplify the application installation for non-technical users when they insert the removable devices, unfortunately autorun has been hugely exploited by virus and malware creators by creating viruses and warms which spreads through USB autorun script.

With the availability of wide variety of USB based storage devices it becomes abstruse to protect from autorun viruses. To help those non tech savvy users here is simple but effective tool. USB Protector which not only protects you from USB autorun viruses with preemptive monitoring but also removes & cleans infected USB storage drivers.

USB Protector provides a Realtime Scanning mechanism (RTS) so that malwares are detected on time whan a removable storage drive is attached. It can detect and eliminate malwares automatically and provides a full scan of the drive to find hidden files.

Once you install USB Protector it will be automatically added to startup list so it can run every time windows reboot. The UI of USB Protector is not cluttered with many options and provides minimum required options such as Scan and Analyse Drive.

If you have already connected removable USB storage device to PC you can just hit scan option to initiate USB drive scanning.

USB protector will list any autorun or infected files are found in USB. USB protector is still in beta mode and final version is yet to be released. USB Protector supports Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.

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Download USB Protector to Remove Autorun Viruses.

Please Note: You must have .Net Framework 3.0 or higher installed in order to use USB Protector.




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