How to Use Windows Phone Accelerometer Sensor on Windows 7

The only reason Microsoft loves developers, their creativity and enthusiasm to come up with subpar and extra ordinary applications for Microsoft Windows. Arik Poznanski who has extensive knowledge and experience in many Microsoft technologies got an idea of mixing some of the features in Windows 7 with some of the features in Windows Phone 7 and guess what is the final result of his idea? A perfectly working drivers to make use of Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer sensor on Windows 7.

Arik’s idea of making use of Windows Phone 7 accelerometer sensor as a standard device on Windows 7 lead to full fledged project which took 3 nights to complete and today he has released Windows Phone Accelerometer driver for Windows 7. Once you got the source code from Codeplex, where it is hosted you are good to go!

By making use of Windows 7 API which provides a standard interface for accessing sensors of various types, like accelerometer Arik created software driver which consumes the Windows Phone 7 sensor data transferred to Windows 7 using WCF service.

Here is guide on how to install drivers and use Windows Phone 7 Accelerometer Sensors on Windows 7.

1. Download and extract project binaries or source from the CodePlex project site.

2. Open CMD as administrator

3. Go to the folder \Driver\Install\

4. According to the bitness of your OS Run install_wp7_driver_32bit.bat or install_wp7_driver_64bit.bat to install the driver.

5. When the following notification appears, select “Install this driver software anyway”

6. Enable installed Sensor in the Control Panel

7. Run the WCF service from as administrator

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8. Run the Windows Phone client on a real device while connected to the PC and enter your PC (LAN) IP

9. That’s it! you can now sit back and enjoy the ride using the PlaneDemo application or SensorDiagnostics, or any other software that uses the accelerometer sensor.

If you want to uninstall the driver simply go to the Device Manager, select the “WP7 Accelerometer Sensor” device from the Sensors category, select uninstall from the context menu and make sure you mark the checkbox to delete the driver.

The project is still in initial stages and users may face few hiccups while installations. At the moment there isn’t much you can do with this drivers, might in future we may see some creative apps based on Arik’s Wp7 accelerometer sensor drivers.



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3 thoughts on “How to Use Windows Phone Accelerometer Sensor on Windows 7”

  1. Small correction, the implementation took 3 nights and not 6 months.. It just took e 6 month to decide to release it..
    Also, since it implements the standard accelerometer driver interface of windows 7, it can be used with any user of this interface.

  2. Tested ok > this is very cool, have to be used in PC game, for ex. controlling your car with a WP7 device, with custom boutons, a rear view on the WP7, etc.
    Great work ;)

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