Add New Shortcut to Context Menu with Right Click Context Menu Adder

Here at Blogsdna we have covered several utilities and tools for Windows Context Menu, such as SendToSendto, Context Menu Manager, Elevated command prompt, Resize Images Options etc. Now here is yet another handy utility Right Click Context Menu Adder. The utility is aimed for those users who wants to customize context menu options to add frequency used programs or application which doesn’t support context menu.

Right Click Context Menu Adder lets you to instantly add new item right click context menu. Also offers an option to assign icon of your choice. If you don’t want to clutter your context menu you can also set the newly added entry as hidden entry and can only be activated by press shift key.

You can also set the position of shortcut in context menu. All the options added via Context Menu Adder can be removed via Remove entries from menu tab.

Download Right Click Context Menu Adder for Windows.

Update: A new and improved version of Right Click Context Menu adder has been released by, download from here.

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