Open Yahoo Messenger Chat History with Yahoo Messenger History Viewer

Yahoo Messenger a widely used instant messenger program has an option to save the instant messages and chat history on computer. It can be helpful in a time when you want to reference your old chat history for some reason. Unfortunately you can’t access those chat logs without Yahoo Messenger. If you have recently reinstalled Windows and want to access Yahoo Messenger Chat History.

Here is small utility Yahoo Messenger History Viewer, as the name suggests it lets you to access Yahoo Messenger Chat History without need of installing Yahoo Messenger. The tool allows you to specify the location of Yahoo Messenger profile directory and name of profile.Once you done that you can either save the chat history to another text file or just view it in different window.

Yahoo Messenger History Viewer

Download Yahoo Messenger History Viewer.

Please note :- You must have .net framework 2.0 or higher installed in order to use Yahoo Messenger History Viewer.

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