Capture 3D Images without 3D Camera with Red Cyan Camera

Do you ever wanted to capture 3D images but wondering how you could without 3D camera ? Well then here is a unique application Red Cyan 3D Camera which will let you to take Stereoscopic 3D images without 3D Camera but you do need two webcams for that.

‘Red Cyan 3D camera’ uses two webcams to capture 3D image. Place the two camera about 4″ apart and plug them in to the USB. Turn on the software and capture. It’s that easy. You will require a red cyan 3d glass to watch the pictures. Unfortunately you need to have two identical webcams for this app to work and you should have knack of adjusting & focusing the camera to get better 3D images.

Red Cyan 3D camera doesn’t support 3D video recording at the moment but author of software ready to develop app for 3D video recording and glass free 3D capturing in near future If users are interested.

Red Cyan 3D Camera  – Stereoscopic 3D Generator

If you don’t have two webcams then you may use two pictures taken using your phone camera or digicam (once you take first image move your camera 4 inch left or right and take another one) and add those images manually using Add Manually option.

Red Cyan Camera does takes lot of time in processing however the author of this app is working on improving processing time.

We couldn’t test this app as we do not have two similar webcams required for this app to work.

Update: We have received a screenshot from developer of the app, here is how it will look when you will be capturing images using two similar webcams to create stereoscopic 3D image.

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Also new version of Red Cyan 3D Camera (1.3) has been released which speeds up the processing time.

Download Red Cyan 3D Camera.



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